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Our top five reasons why silk flowers can transform your wedding

We recently wrote a blog for Heritage Venues about our top reasons to choose silk flowers on your big day.

Have you ever thought about having silk flowers at your wedding? We’re here to show that they are a wonderful, stunning, hassle-free way to have your dream flowers on your big day.

1. They’re beautiful That’s right – silk flowers can be stunning. And, the wonderful thing about them is that nobody really knows they are fake! The flowers and foliage we use in our designs are top-quality and are almost perfect replicas of the real thing. When displayed in an arch, installation or bouquet, it’s extremely hard to tell they’re not real. In photos you just can’t tell the difference. Many of our arches have even been watered by mistake! The only giveaway is that they’ve not wilted by the end of the night…

2. The price won’t give you a heart attack

Most brides dream of that ‘Princess Beatrice moment’ – walking through an arch of fabulous flowers, hand in hand with their new partner. But then they have a heart attack once they get a quote from their florist. Thankfully, silk flowers are a cheaper alternative. They last for years, and each stem keeps its condition and quality, meaning they can be re-used in multiple designs. This means our stems can be hired for a cheaper price than single-use flower stems. We hate to see real flowers going to waste after just one day. So – you can keep dreaming of that arch!

3. They’re practical Silk flowers can be set up in your venue at any time, alleviating any last-minute stress. Bouquets can also be sent to your entire bridal party in good time. You additionally have the flexibility to move designs round easily; we like to suggest that our displays are for multi-use so you can get the most out of them (for example, the table display in the church can be moved to the top table at the wedding breakfast). The flowers will stay looking beautiful, don’t need to be watered, and will be ready for you to use at any time.

4. You can have much more control over your floral designs One of our favourite sayings is: “Any flower, any colour, any time.” You can often choose from many more silk flower colours than fresh flowers. Your flowers also don’t have to be seasonal (if you want peonies, you can have them!). It’s also easy to incorporate dried stems into long-lasting designs. Another huge benefit of silk flowers is that you can have much more control over your designs. You can decide on the exact flowers, foliage, design, shape and colour scheme way in advance, and you won’t be disappointed on the day when you find your bouquet isn’t quite what you’d hoped. We always keep our clients informed about their designs as they’re being made, with photo and video updates.

5. You get keepsakes from your big day This is one of the most popular reasons why brides choose to have silk bouquets and arrangements on their big day. Your bouquets are custom-made and very personal to you, and are a wonderful way to remember your wedding for years to come. The flowers also make brilliant presents for bridesmaids, mothers, or anyone in the bridal party who you’d like to say thank you to (we can make matching vase arrangements if you’d like them, too). We’ve also had requests for single silk roses to be placed on each table setting as a wedding favour.


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