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Sarah and Hasan's Kew Gardens wedding

Pinks at Kew Gardens!

Sarah and Hasan decided to celebrate the joining of their Lebanese and Iraqi families by partying in style at the infamous Kew Gardens. The Nash conservatory was lined with meadow flowers, with pedestalled urns and the entrance to the aisle and an even larger pair for the backdrop. All designs were repurposed in the Orangery, including the meadow aisle flowers wrapping around the cake table, and fronting their top table.

Venue: @kewevents

String quarter: @halostrings

Catering: @laguna_uk

Makeup and hair: @shireenkadhim

The lovely review from the couple on Google

"Genni’s flowers and attention to detail was incredible!! I couldn’t have asked for a better florist. I found it hard to express what I wanted, but Genni somehow filtered through my words and photos and nailed it!!!"

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