Hanging installations

bespoke designs for hire

Jaw-dropping bespoke hanging installations will make your event even more special.


They are created using using trellis-style bamboo frames or circular chandeliers, and can be varied from hanging flowers and foliage to denser decorative arrangements. They will ideally match your floral theme and table decorations.

We will work with your venue to make sure your design can be installed easily.

Why silk flowers?

  • They don't wilt

  • They're a beautiful keepsake from your event

  • They're easy to transport

  • They're reusable - our hire items can be reused again and again, and we reuse flowers in new bespoke designs

  • Hassle-free! No need for watering or constant attention

  • They're non-seasonal

  • They can be installed earlier than fresh flowers to reduce the last-minute rush before a big day