The Confetti Club

The Confetti Club is a London based initiative, turning donations of old flowers into the most beautiful, scented & biodegradable petal confetti, with proceeds to charity.  

Coming soon - Confetti Club Surrey

How to donate

For Tooting local residents with home flower bouquets, we would love to receive your donations via a doorstop drop off. We are based on Bickley Street, SW179NF. Please message us for door number. Please drop at a time convenient to you. No donation is too small - 5 tulips makes for a handful of confetti!

We love to collaborate with those that use large volumes of flowers, including florists, wedding venues, funeral services and hotels. Where drop off is not possible, we will try and organise SW London collection

Not local to SW London but would love to be involved too? Please dry your petals with the guide below, and post them to us. Please message for address details. Please see below if you are looking to buy confetti. 

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Repurposing flowers into petal confetti

How to donate your petals

Thank you to everyone who already donates their flowers. For those who are new to this, please follow these tips below. 


Flower head donations

1. Choose flowers that have not browned or gone at all soggy

2. Avoid very pale colours (white/cream/pale peach/pale pink) as these often go brown EXCEPT if they are delphiniums/ alstroemeria/ hydrangea/ gypsophila/ ranuncluus)

3. Eucalyptus is wonderful in confetti - please add any stems to the donation pile

4. To save space in the drop off area, please cut off the flower head from the stems.

5. Donate with the flowers wrapped in some kitchen tissues, or in a material which wont let the flowers sweat if not processed immediately. 

Tips to dry your petals for confetti donations

1. Follow steps 1-3 above. 

2. Gently pull the petals/ leaves from the stems, and discard any that are damaged or discoloured. Some flowers, eg delphiniums, have a petal with brown mark on it - discard these ones if possible. 

3. Spread petals in a single layer over a paper towl, scrap paper or cardboard (this is to absorb moisture from the petals). Place in a warm and dry room until dry to the touch, about 3-5 days depending on weather. You can also put them in a fine mesh vegetable bag and near a radiator. 

4. Keep in mind that the colour of the petals will darken once dried and they will shrink and curl.  

5. Store somewhere dry until ready to be donated. 

Confetti for sale

We have a small Etsy shop for confetti orders. Only a few colours are shown online; please message via the Etsy shop for a custom request of a colour mix.

Our confetti is sold in recyclable kraft boxes or reusable net vegetable bags and come in litres (one litre is 10 large handfuls).

Our chosen charity

Our long term charity is 'Healing little Hearts', an organisation providing free heart surgery from world experts to babies and children in the developing world. 


"When I'm not making confetti, I work as a congenital Cardiologist, looking after adults who were born with heart conditions, like dangerous holes in the heart. In the UK my patients are fortunate enough to receive the best care, with many having multiple heart surgeries as tiny babies, with the most fantastic team of specialists. Unfortunately things are very different in the developing world, with many children dying from untreated heart conditions, as they don't have the facilities to diagnose and treat them. This is why this is such an amazing charity, and very close to my heart." 

Genevieve, founder

Contact us

Please get in touch with us via email:, or drop us a message via Instagram. For order requests please message via the Etsy Shop. 

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The Confetti Club is run by genevieve, one of the two sisters from Fleur de la Couture, a south london luxury silk florist, whose ethos is to focus on sustainable flowers for weddings and events.

We look forward to having Lauren join us to run the surrey club from this summer